Investor Loans

Guaranteed Financial is pleased to introduce our unique investor loan programs that target the special needs and requirements for the serious real estate investor.

Our Real Estate Investor Loan Products offer great flexibility and business-friendly features:

• Take cash out on existing investment properties

• Re-Coup up to 75% of an all-cash purchase with Delayed Financing options

• Purchase new properties with multiple income options

• Income sources include rental, W2 and self-employment for all transactions

• High-Balance ARMs okay on Purchase and Rate and Term Refinance

• Minimum FICO scores down to 620 on Purchase and Rate and Term Refinance

• Finance up to 150% with 620 credit score on HARP

• Attached, Detached 1-4 units, condos, and PUDs available for investor programs

• Self-employed okay – Business assets may be used when the borrower is at least 50% owner of the company

• Fannie Mae Home Path Program available (No MI, No Appraisal, No Condo Review)

• Competitive interest rates (fixed and adjustable)

More Information about Guaranteed Financial’s Investor Loans

Today’s real estate market provides investors with a unique opportunity to buy a property at an attractive price and enjoys substantial returns on the investment. Low-priced distressed or investor-owned properties provide even greater bargains, and an ample supply of these homes has encouraged many investors to purchase and rehabilitate foreclosures around the country.

However, the market is not without its difficulties, particularly when it comes to securing real estate investor loans. Investors with a strong history of investment success, significant cash reserves, and a solid credit picture might encounter rigid and inflexible loan products when shopping at lenders nationwide.

At Guaranteed Financial, we work with real estate investors to arrange the most affordable and accessible investor loans. With a broader selection of real estate investor loans and the flexible terms that make these mortgages more attractive to more borrowers, Guaranteed Financial has the tools to help investors achieve the financing they need for a successful investment.

The challenges of traditional financing

Investors have recognized today’s foreclosure picture as a prime opportunity to turn these distressed or investor-owned properties into successful, burgeoning multifamily homes. At the same time, many of these buyers have encountered difficulties when applying for investor loans.

For example, mortgage eligibility requirements have become ever-more stringent for both homebuyers and investors, as many banks look to avoid the poor lending habits that led to the economic crash. Subsequently, securing flexible conventional loans at many lenders has become more challenging, with some lenders limiting how much can be borrowed and restricting the type of income investors can use to qualify for a loan.

As a result, there is a segment of the homebuying population that remains underserved by major mortgage underwriters. While these investors may be prepared to make the significant purchases that can turn around local real estate markets, their inability to secure financing holds back their progress.

What Guaranteed Financial offers that others don’t?

At Guaranteed Financial, we have developed expanded consumer offerings that reach out to this prominent audience of investors.

Our real estate investor loans are ideal for the self-employed, who often find it difficult to secure financing in a tight lending environment. Because many of these professionals are paid on an irregular basis, from multiple sources or with inconsistent documentation, other banks might make it doubly difficult for them to receive financing.

But, at Guaranteed Financial, we understand the rigors of the independent investor, and we work to find affordable and flexible mortgage options that can allow many of these professionals to qualify for financing using rental, self-employment or W-2 income.

Why Guaranteed Financial?

We connect consumers in all walks of life with affordable loans and specialized lending, but our wide selection of real estate investor loans and options can make the difference for you in your property investment.

Our real estate investor loans are for serious investors who require expanded debt-to-income ratios and greater income documentation options. Talk to a loan specialist at Guaranteed Financial to determine how you can finance an investment property at competitive interest rates.